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Over 100,000 Customers Served.
Organizations such as Disney World understand the importance of creating a wonderful experience for their guests.  One of the keys that the Disney customer service workshops focus on is understanding the inward needs of every guest and providing a pleasant memory in the process.  Listed are what I consider to be the top four inner needs of a customer.  When we meet these needs, we will soon find that our star rating in the area of customer service will eventually climb to a higher level:

1.  The inward need of the customer is to feel welcomed
This is what I call the "friendly factor."  Customers who feel welcomed and accepted will begin to view the service in a more positive way.

2.  The inward need of the customer is to feel important
Every customer wants to feel like a VIP.  When this need is fulfilled, the customer will automatically rate the service higher.

3.  The inward need of the customer is to feel respected
When respect is consistently given to the customer, they will want to tell others about their positive experience.

4.  The inward need of the customer is to feel appreciated
Consistently show appreciation and you will win the customer for life. 
1-3 Hour On-Site 
Our 1 to 3 hour customer service seminars are interactive and focus on how to build a better customer service team.
1/2 - Full Day
Our 1/2 and full day customer service training programs are interactive and cover all aspects of great service.
Each keynote address will be tailored to your organization and focus on creating a better service environment.

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Customer service at Disney
Offer the Disney Experience!
How to improve on customer service
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Telephone customer service training is about simple ways to win your customers over the phone.  Here's two great tips:

Always begin with a pleasant tone of voice by thanking or welcoming them to your company, clearly state your name, and then kindly ask how you can assist them.  More than anything else your customers will be reading your tone of voice when you are assisting them on the telephone.  Remember to maintain a pleasant tone of voice throughout the entire conversation.

If it is necessary to transfer a customer to another department, make sure that he or she does not have to explain the situation again to someone else. Go above and beyond in first contacting the department yourself and explaining the customer’s situation…and then transfer the customer.  By doing this, the customer will appreciate that you took the time to explain the situation for them. 
We Provide Outstanding Telephone Service Training!

America's Customer Service Expert Cary Cavitt
One of America’s Leading Customer Service Experts!
Cary at Microsoft conducting a customer service training program.
Service Starts with a Smile Seminars comes to your location and provides a fun and highly educational customer service training workshop for your group.

The highly energetic seminars include fun audience participation, lots of laughter, great video clips, surprise audience gifts, tons of great customer service tips, and an authored book for each participant as a take-home gift!

As a customer service expert with over 35 years experience in the field of customer service, Cary brings his passion and expertise in teaching organizations the real secrets in creating a great customer service experience. Get ready for a fun and exciting day that will be fondly remembered and instantly improve your customer service!

"Cary Cavitt’s ‘Service Starts with a Smile’ training seminar was amazing!" 
S. Linscheid - Microsoft
Sr. Technical Account Manager
customer service training ideas

Offering Outstanding Customer Service Workshops
Not only does Cary understand how customers think, but he has the unique ability to clearly explain how to provide a great customer service experience to each audience. As a customer service speaker Cary makes each customer service workshop fun and engaging. He knows how to connect with the audience and make the event one to remember. Call us today to get a quote on coming to your location and offering one of our many customer service seminars to your organization.
customer service books
Customer Service Training Videos
"I wanted to thank you for your time last week presenting to our SC4 staff! Everyone had a GREAT time and hopefully remembered why we are all here – to serve our students and one another!"
D. Lacey - eLearning  / St. Clair Community College
"Cary  put laughter and learning together to create a great "nuts and bolts" picture of customer service."
Mrs. M. Galvan - HR Director / Palatine Public Library
"Thanks for coming to the Hospira Customer Care Site to spread your message with our team. We are very appreciative and got some great feedback. Thank you!"
C. McNett - Director / Hospira Customer Care
"Cary is a master at understanding and teaching service excellence. He has a unique ability to relate to and help all sorts of organizations truly improve their attitude towards client service."
Mr. B. DiMeo - Founder / Golf Nation
"The best seminar that I have been to in 20 years."
"Great job yesterday. Your presentation inspired quite a bit of conversation about what our office is doing right and wrong.  Thanks again."
Mr. K. Lavelle / Lavelle Law, LTD
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What's Included in Our On-Site Seminars?
America's "Customer Service Go-To Guy" Cary Cavitt, Powerpoint Presentation & Videos, and Tons of Ideas!
Complimentary Authored Book for Every Audience Participant!  Review book >
11 x 17" Reminder Posters
Featuring the 6 Major Attitudes!  View larger size >

Six Follow-Up Videos to Use for Future Customer Service Training!    View videos >
Customer Service PDF Presentation for Future Training!
“Honestly, the best public speaker I have ever listened to.
I really do mean that." - Matthew D. - 2016 PGA Nat. Golf Show
Offering excellent customer service courses
Hospital Customer Service Training
"Your enthusiasm and positivity is just awesome!”
"Thank you for a
great seminar!”
"Had people thank me for the best thing we have ever done.”
"Received some
outstanding feedback!”
Cary Cavitt
Author, Speaker, Founder
Service Starts with a Smile Seminars
Our “Service Starts with a Smile Seminars” provide highly educational and engaging customer service workshops throughout the United States. As one of America’s top customer service speakers Cary Cavitt has spoken in front of over 2,000+ groups throughout his career. 

He speaks to both large and small groups by providing customer service workshops as well as being the customer service keynote speaker for a wide assortment of companies.
How to improve on customer service
11x6" Glossy Poster & Small Magnet Reminder for Everyone!

"The training is outstanding."
"Good job keeping everyone engaged!"
"Continue the EXCELLENT WORK!”
"You are phenomenal! 
Keep up the good work!"
"I've taken many customer service classes
and this was the best one."
- Library of Congress
“Great speaker!  Really got me to open my eyes to customer service.  Outstanding seminar!”
"Cary was dynamic,
captivating, and humorous.”

Looking for Outstanding On-Site Customer Service Training?
"Cary Cavitt’s ‘Service with a Smile’ training
seminar was amazing!"
- Microsoft
"We can't thank you enough!  We really
enjoyed having you!"
- UTMB Health

Having authored 8 customer service books and personally served over 100,000 customers in the last 35 years, customer service expert Cary Cavitt is well aware of what it takes to attract and create customer loyalty.  As a internal customer service trainer and expert in the field of providing outstanding customer service, Cary knows what it takes to engage the audience and teach them the real secret in creating a great service experience.

Service Starts with a Smile Seminars comes to your location focusing on one goal:  How to build a better customer service team.  We'll tailor the day specifically to your group and provide an entertaining and engaging customer service training program that will completely transform your team into "5-Star Customer Service Superstars!"
Customer Service Training Videos


“Thank you again for yesterday! We have received some outstanding feedback already, and certainly hope to work with you again in the future.”
A. Kelley - Leasing Coordinator / Pier 39 – San Francisco
"We are so grateful you made time for us in your busy schedule. We considered the presentation and the meeting to be a big hit. You really drew the audience into the discussion."
Mrs. N.A. Russell - VP / Mgmt. Advisory Council
"Cary's presence at our first ever event attributed to its success! He is a talented and energetic keynote speaker to whom people can relate."
M. E. Bennett Brown - HR / Cincinnati Libraries
"Your presentation was the highlight and an appropriate climax to a great week...had people come to my office to thank me for the best thing we have ever done at Gane."
Mr. J. McLoraine - VP of Sales / Gane Brothers
"Listening to your presentation on the 6 attitudes was energizing. Not only will it improve my customer service, but I know it will help me improve all my relationships."
Mr. M. Utendorf - President / Emerald Lawn Care
"Cary truly knows how to connect with his audience. My volunteers were attentive throughout and eager for more information on how to be better with people."
Mr. T. Smith - Emerg. Mgmt. Coordinator / Palatine, Il
America's Customer Service "Go-To Guy!"
...Providing On-Site Customer Service Training For Your Organization!

"Customers will ultimately rate your service on how kind and considerate you were."  - Cary Cavitt